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About the Film

BORDERLINE, the 2016 documentary on BPD

This documentary film attempts to show what it feels like to have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) through the lived experience of one woman with the diagnosis. It also features top experts in the field, such as Marsha Linehan (creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and John Gunderson (original author of the BPD diagnosis).
Head to the shop to see both the documentary and the full interviews shot for the film -- or find out more about the interviewees on the experts page.

Or jump straight into the film trailer here!
BPD is not an easy disorder, and if you've visited our YouTube channel BORDERLINERNOTES, you know we don't shy away from discomfort and difficult subject matter in the mental health field.

The film – directed by someone with the BDP diagnosis – was shot over the course of several years in New York City,  and played in festivals (BIG SKY, DOC NYC, etc.) in 2016.  It is now available for purchase/rental directly from us, as we think it continues in 2022 to have great value for people with mental health diagnoses, their family and friends or people who are supporting or treating them, as well as audiences interested in character studies and/or psychology in general.

For educational uses, please visit our distributor, Collective Eye Films:
This film is about a woman who has a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. The first time she tried to kill herself, she was five years old. Now she is 45 and hell-bent on trying to live – most of the time.

She reacts on impulse, attacks, distracts, meditates, offers social commentary, trips over herself, laughs, judges, burns bridges, makes social gaffes, apologizes, loses her cool, philosophizes and remains dogged in her search for recovery.

The film was featured at festivals, and received some fancy laurels:
It took several years to produce this film, and many people were involved in the work.  Some of them are:

director: Rebbie Ratner
editors: Pascal Troemel, Sara Zandieh, Anita Gabrosek, Rebbie Ratner
producers: Rebbie Ratner, Suzanne Mitchell
executive producer: Barbara Kopple
music: Timo Ellis, Roger Greenawalt
Borderline front of postcard FINAL_20180105.png

"A feel-good movie true to its feel-bad subject." –BOSTON GLOBE

"[An] alternately piercing, maddening and riotously funny portrait..." –VILLAGE VOICE

"[Regina's]  sharp, acid-tongued humor makes her a charismatic, if troubling presence..."  –HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

" important, humanising portrait of a woman living with challenges that are rarely part of public discussion. The film is effective in drawing attention to what can be a seriously disabling problem. It's also entertaining, incisive and highly watchable." –EYE FOR FILM
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